For more than 20 years: ZWT branch office in Finland

Pondělí, 10.9.2018
Forests, lakes, and the well-known sauna: Since the mid-1990s, ZWT has operated a Scandinavian branch office in Finland. The ZWT branch office is located north of Helsinki, in [...]

Chip grooves: Little helpers for more efficiency

Středa, 27.7.2016
Long curls are beautiful – in a magnificent head of hair. In a lathe, however, long corkscrew chips are a big problem: They quickly fill up the working chamber and block [...]

Holders: The basis for reliable machining

Středa, 2.3.2016
The best tool will not work properly if it cannot be safely attached to the machine. For this reason, optimally designed holders are absolutely essential for excellent [...]

Close cooperation for better solutions

Pondělí, 29.2.2016
ZWT doesn't stop at designing the tool: The economic efficiency of a tool depends not only on its premium machining quality but also on whether the tool is designed under [...]

In-house coating at ZWT – better quality in a shorter time

Čtvrtek, 23.7.2015
A tool is only as good as its finish – and a correctly selected and carefully applied coating improves the quality essentially. Many of our customers know already that [...]

Additional capacities enable a faster order processing

Středa, 22.7.2015
An additional grinding center at ZWT increased the capacities of our re-sharpening service: Within a short time, the new machine will help process the orders of our customers [...]

Triangular and square inserts: universal, fast, sophisticated

Čtvrtek, 9.4.2015
When you are looking for minimal tooling times and long service lives in your production, triangular and square inserts are the perfect tools for a multitude of machining [...]

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