High stability due to low overall height 

Form accuracy in μ-range for planing and calibration tasks 

lapped areas 

ultra-fine plunge-cut widths 

multiple re-sharpening possible 

lapped faces prolong tool service life 

multiple re-sharpening possible 

Interchangeable form tools 

Interchangeable form tools from ZWT are used on all conventional single and multispindle screw machines, CNC machines, transfer machines, rotary transfer machines and special machines. Here, ZWT offers you a wealth of benefits in product design and services:

  • Low overall height, high stability, easy and fast exchange
  • Highest exchange accuracy, precise axial and radial positioning for fixation
  • Contour accuracy in µ-range even with the most extreme contour transitions
  • Surfaces lapped on request, e.g. to save on subsequent processes (polishing)
  • Special solutions – e.g. double-thread chaser
  • 24-hour re-sharpening service