FIX-Profil®: Learn what the system has to offer

Just fix it any old way? Quite the contrary: How a tool is fixed largely influences the machining quality of the workpiece manufactured with it. Accordingly, the  FIX-Profil® system is an indispensable component of the interchangeable form tools by ZWT, helping to implement the quality of the whole concept. Managing Director Bettina Bernhard presents the benefits of the FIX-Profil®.

Fixing pin, clamping element with double threaded pin, matching insert fit, and that's it: At first glance, the FIX-Profil® system is simple – but there is a lot more to it. Seen in detail, this type of fixing the tool in a matching holder offers numerous advantages. ZWT Managing Director Bettina Bernhard: "To start with, the small building height of the fixing solution is a major benefit compared to other systems: It makes the fit of the tool much more stable and helps to avoid chatter marks due to vibrations in the tool which might otherwise occur."

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