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Interchangeable form tools

Ideal for complex requirements and all machine types

Interchangeable form tools based on FIX-Profil® from ZWT are used on all common single and multi-spindle automatic lathes, CNC machines, rotary transfer and transfer machines as well as on special machines. Of course ZWT also supplies the necessary shaft, block and dovetail holders in all common dimensions.

Our profile cutting inserts or form cutting tools:

  • Low overall height, high stability, easy and fast exchange
  • Highest changing accuracy, exact axial and radial positioning for fixation
  • Contour accuracy in the µ range even with the most extreme contour transitions
  • If required, lapped free surfaces or diamond finish, e.g. to save subsequent operations (polishing).
  • Special solutions - e.g. double thread chasers
  • 24-hour regrinding service

Faster at your goal with FIX-Profil®!

The FIX-Profil® interchangeable profile tools by ZWT will provide you with the ideal tool for your challenge: low height, high stability, simple and quick replaceability. And the matching FIX profile tool holder will ensure a precise pick-up and the optimal seating of the tool.


Din-Iso-inserts with special profiles

Standard inserts from the DIN-ISO range receive customer-specific special profiles from us. From small to large series, we profile 1- and 2-edged plates as well as 3-kt and 4-kt plates. We have a large number of these standard plates in stock. Just get in touch with us.