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Thousands of form turning tools per year

Ideal for complex requirements and difficult geometries. Good against cost pressure.

Our solution is as individual as your task: As a specialist for form turning tools, we analyse your challenge together with you in order to create the best possible production solution as a partner at your side. Advice and support are very important to us. You can rely on our wealth of experience of well over 60,000 tool solutions since 1991. For us at ZWT, it's not just about the profile tool, but about everything that goes with it in order to use it as effectively as possible.

Benefit from our expertise!

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tool manufacturing

Anyone manufacturing tools for precision manufacturing inevitably has to meet the highest demands on their production processes. Motivated and technically outstanding employees, a high-quality special machine park, a high degree of automation and, above all, a great deal of experience: this together forms the backbone of our tool quality. This is because ZWT's form turning tools are designed to optimise dimensional accuracy:

  • Tool change accuracy < 0.02 mm
  • Profile accuracy in the µ-range, thus less measuring effort for the user due to fewer measuring points
  • Inspection of tools and documentation of measurement results
  • additional measurement protocols on request


The range of coatings available at ZWT is fully geared to the requirements of the tools. In the following we give you an overview of the coatings offered by ZWT:

STiN = titanium nitride, layer thickness 2-3 µm, universal layer for machining, forming, threading. Application temperature up to approx. 600°C, colour gold.

ALCRO-NANO = aluminium-chromium-nanocoating with particularly high hardness and excellent temperature resistance. This ensures better tool life and high surface quality. Depending on the type of application and wear, this coating requires a layer thickness of 3-5 µm and is also suitable for dry machining, colour grey-purple.

TiAlN = titanium aluminium nitride, layer thickness 2-3 µm. TiAlN has a higher temperature stability (up to 700°C) compared to TiN, but also a lower thermal conductivity. Used as high performance coating for indexable inserts in machining (drilling, milling, reaming, turning), colour grey blue.

TiCN = titanium carbon nitride, layer thickness 2-3 µm, high hardness. Despite its high hardness, TiCN is not too brittle, therefore it is well suited as a coating for cutting tools as well as for milling, tapping, punching and forming, colour grey.

This also includes permanent quality control of the coating thicknesses. The processes at ZWT are completely monitored and documented so that problems in the coating process can be detected immediately and reacted to quickly. We will be happy to advise you personally and also enable you to carry out quick tests with our various coatings.

surface treatment

Finely ground free surfaces as well as finely ground and lapped chip surfaces are standard tasks for us.

For the highest surface requirements on the turned part, the profile or clearance flank is also lapped, especially for the production of visible or fitting parts, where the polishing effort can thus be considerably reduced.

For even longer service lives and particularly perfect surfaces, we offer you our special DIAMOND-FINISH.

quality assurance

Reproducible tool quality is at the heart of our production concept. Our quality assurance therefore begins with the design and construction of the tool and ends with the handover to the logistics department.

Seen in this light, quality assurance is the heart of our company: Production-integrated QA

  • Always top audit results
  • worker self-control
  • Complex production data acquisition and documentation
  • State-of-the-art measurement technology
  • Internal suggestion system for optimization and rationalization


ZWT was first certified according to DIN EN ISO 9002 in 1999. In 2010, ZWT was converted to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and successfully renewed on a regular basis. In addition to the certification, we are constantly working to safeguard and maintain our production culture:

  •     Ongoing training and further education of all employees
  •     comprehensive quality management
  •     complete production documentation
  •     reproducible, constantly monitored production processes
  •     Regular internal audits for quality assurance


Thanks to our in-house coating, we can promise you shorter delivery times. The ZWT coating system allows for a significantly faster implementation of orders, which are delivered reliably and on time, due to the elimination of difficult ways to and from a contract coater.