Symmetrical, asymmetrical
and as special profile

Profile dies

Symmetrical, asymmetrical and as special profile

Symmetrical, asymmetrical and as special profile

ZWT profile dies as stagger or stamping tools stand out to their lapped concave or plane locating face and their finish ground profiles. On request we also offer lapped profile surfaces according to your requirements. Of course we also supply profile dies with irregular profile pitch or asymmetrical profiles. Standard dies are currently available from Ø 1.3 mm.

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Perfect precision and strong service

Due to the high dimensional accuracy and perfect change accuracy of our tools, set-up times during production are considerably minimised. This allows you to significantly increase your machine productivity. In addition to a 24-hour resharpening service, we offer our customers an in-house coating service. Permanent quality control of the coating thicknesses and the documentation of the batches run are part of our quality assurance. In-house coating enables us to achieve the shortest possible delivery times, enabling our customers to carry out short-term trials with different coatings.



Din-Iso-inserts with special profiles

Standard inserts from the DIN-ISO range receive customer-specific special profiles from us. From small to large series, we profile 1- and 2-edged plates as well as 3-kt and 4-kt plates. We have a large number of these standard plates in stock. Just get in touch with us..